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Affinity Education recognise that the service we provide to our schools is only as good as the quality of staff that we introduce to them. Our teachers and school support staff are very important to us and we endeavour to provide them with a professional, understanding and friendly service. Some of our teachers and school support staff have kindly provided us with personal statements of how they have found working with Affinity Education.

Personal Statements:

"I have had the pleasure of working with Affinity Education Limited at various stages throughout my career and consider myself part of a team rather than an employee. As an NQT, I was purposely placed in schools that were happy to assist me attain my QTS. Both Hayley and Mary were always aware of my needs and were a crucial part of the process that assured my success.

Affinity Education are the human side of a business that can all too often be faceless, they understand and always put at the forefront of their business the many needs of the communities and individuals they connect with.  As a supply teacher, I have often needed flexibility, when my mother was ill, I needed to travel back and forth and was grateful for the work I was given even when I was only able to give a few hours’ notice as to my availability.  It is because of consideration such as this for myself and others that Affinity Education have a loyal team who are willing to go the extra mile. Relations between schools that I attend and myself are excellent because of the work Affinity do on our behalf, they are aware of me, who I am and my abilities before I arrive this creates a positive connection for all involved, you are treated as a member of staff and accorded every courtesy.

When I returned to supply work recently I knew Affinity Education were the firm for me, they have a vested interest in me, the schools and communities that we work in.

Thank you ladies, it wouldn’t be this easy without you.

Rosalind McDermott-Teacher of Religion

I am in my second year of working with Affinity Education and I hope to continue working with Mary and Hayley for many years to come.  The service provided is both professional and personable and I am grateful for the many opportunities that have been provided to me by the team. Mary and Hayley have worked carefully to match me to schools that are the best fit for both me and the school.  

Affinity have clearly developed excellent working relationships with the schools that I have been assigned to over the last 18 months.  Staff at these schools speak highly of Mary and Hayley and the fact that I have rarely found myself without work on the days I have requested is a testament to the productive working relationships that Affinity Education has with schools.  I would not hesitate to recommend Affinity’s reliable services to any would-be Supply Teachers, Cover Supervisors or Teaching Assistants.

Umber Ahmed -Cover Supervisor


"I have had a 5* experience with Affinity Education. Everyone is professional and knowledgeable and I have always been treated as a valued member of their team.

I was nervous about returning to work after an extended career-break to raise my children and return to education but Hayley immediately put me at ease as we completed forms and discussed my qualifications and experience.

I was anxious about attending my first placement because I didn't have experience of working with SEN but I was assured that I would be find and of course, they were right! Hayley and Mary had arranged a placement at a wonderful school that I would not have considered working at had it not been for their skills of matching the right person to the right school. It is a bit like a version of a dating site only for staff within the education sector!

After a number of months covering various members of staff I am thrilled to have been offered a full-time position there, starting in September 2017.

Affinity Education have made my re-entry into employment enjoyable. Thank you for believing in me."

Katrina Hewitson-Learning Support Assistant

"Since starting work with affinity in 2015 I have found them to be a first class professional company who have excelled in the personal approach of supply teaching. I remember being very nervous the first time I started supply work. As an ex head of department I was unsure of the amount of work i was going to get. Affinity soon quashed any worries I had with their approachable nature and I was soon in full swing and getting daily work on a regular basis. Since working with  both Mary and Hayley I have enjoyed a busy 3 years of work, experiencing schools across South Wales. They would be my first port of call if I was ever in the same situation again!


I would like to thank Mary and Hayley for the opportunity they gave me to work with such a fantastic company. I wish you all the success in the future. Diolch! 

Phillip Thomas-Teacher of PE

“Working with Affinity has given me the opportunity to pursue my teaching career. The team have supported me every step of the way, including Teaching Assistant to Supply Teaching. I was placed on a long term booking in a school which then progressed onto a two-year booking. From this I gained valuable experiences in teaching and progressed onto the PGCE course in Cardiff Metropolitan University. I know that without the Teaching Assistant position I would have never been given this opportunity. I am now an NQT and receiving day-to-day Supply Teaching work. I thank Affinity for all of their support as without them, I would not be in the position I am today”.

Laura Bateman-Teacher of PE 

"With this week being my last week as an employee of Affinity Education, I would just like to thank you for all your help and support over the past 14 months. The professionalism that has always been shown is fantastic, and no problem has been too big for you to help, and always resolved in the quickest of times. I wouldn't have secured my new position without your assistance, and only this week have been appointed Deputy Head of Year.


So once again, thank you for everything you have done for me. I will certainly be recommending Affinity to anybody looking for supply work. All the very best for the future, and if I am ever unfortunate enough to be in this position again, you will be my first point of call’’

Andrew Honey-Jones-Teacher of Maths & PE 


"I tried several supply teaching agencies before I heard about Affinity. I found that other agencies were less personable and that on the whole, I was a name and telephone number and was being placed in schools with little regard to my experience and personal development. Affinity was different from the very first day!I was encouraged to maintain dialogue with the staff. I found that they were genuinely concerned with matching the candidate with the institution. Where there was the occassional 'bad experience', they listened, they discussed and they kept in contact. I found very quickly that I was being placed in extended periods of time.Thanks to Affinity I gained valuable and enjoyable teaching experiences. I discovered that they have a great reputation within the schools I visited and found myself meeting up with other teachers who shared my opinion. I have wholeheartedly recommended Affinity to every colleague I meet. Thanks to Affinity I am now enjoying a contract at a vibrant multi-cultural High School in Cardiff."

Chris Harding-Teacher of Drama 


"I joined Affinity Education in November 2013. My first placement was in a school covering for a member of staff who was on leave for 3 weeks. That turned into several months, and I am still working at the same school today and due to be taken on permanently.

I feel that I was carefully matched to a suitable school and that is why my experience has been so positive and successful. The staff at Affinity Education are incredibly warm and welcoming. They are always available day and night and in regular contact.

They have an excellent reputation with the staff at my school and with the other Affinity Education employees that I have met. I have also recommended them to several people looking for a professional and reliable teaching agency. It has been a fantastic experience working with Affinity Education and I would not hesitate to get back in touch with them in the future, should I find myself looking for new opportunities".

Laura Griffiths-Teaching Assistant 


"I have been with Affinity Education since February this year and have not had a single day without work. The team work very hard to ensure that their employees are busy and above all happy in their work placement.I highly recommend Affinity Education as a very reliable, friendly and professional service for supply teachers. I have already recommended them to the agency staff I have worked with and will continue to do so. Absolutely surperb. Wouldn't consider any other agency!Special thanks to Hayley and Mary for all their hard work."

Emma Lacey-Teacher of English


"I started out as a Supply Teacher over a year ago and despite registering with several different agencies, Affinity Education has found most of my teaching assignments, most of which have been long term.The team at Affinity really takes the time and effort to get to know their candidates well, before marketing them out to the schools they work with. They keep in touch regularly by text, e-mail and phone call, which is great!When Affinity send you into a school, be courteous, work hard, be a team player, get "stuck in" with your lessons, offer to help out in any way you can, and you'll be remembered. It's fair to say that Supply Teachers don't always have an easy time of it, but get to know your colleagues and pupils and build a rapport with them.As a result of a long term booking at a school, through Affinity, I've secured a full-time direct teaching contract there. So, if you're ideally after a permanent post, it really is worth doing supply, because it might just lead to an opportunity. It did for me! Thanks Affinity"

Sanjay Marwaha-Teacher of French, German and Welsh Baccalaureate. 


"I had been out of teaching for some time and not wishing to update my teacher status, have turned my hand to Cover Supervising. Affinity was recommended to me and I have not regretted working with then in the least.

I have found their staff do their best to match the person to the schools that they are supporting, resulting in a congenial atmosphere all round. Also, whilst placements are appropriate with regards to experience and qualifications, any feedback is taken on board with a view to the modification of future arrangements so all concerned get the best experience possible.

Thank you all at Affinity, I hope that I will be with you for some time.

Geraint Lloyd-Ex Head of Technology/Electronics. 


"Affinity Education is the most professional, helpful and reliable recruitment agency that I have had the pleasure of working with, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.Affinity really understands how to effectively forge a great and reciprocal working relationship with their candidates. Whether it be the speedy and efficient manner that any issues are dealt with, right down to the thoughtfulness of courtesy calls, texts and even greeting cards. I was impressed by the high level of commitment that Affinity placed on making their organisation approachable and helpful.I was placed within a long term post and after 12 weeks I was paid to scale in accordance with the new Agency Workers Regulations. This position has now led to me being offered a contract with the school.I highly recommend Affinity Education and I look forward to working with them again in the future." 

Mike Harvey-Teacher of Geography.


"I signed up with two teaching agencies when I qualified and one of them was Affinity Education who were highly recommended. The staff at Affinty work very hard and since signing up, I constarntly got calls for work. The staff at Affinity performs with professionalism and amazing efficiency and I say that not just as a teacher, but as someone who also has worked at levels within the private sector.The staff at Affinity provides a friendly, personal service and it makes you feel valued and looked after when you sign up. Whenever possible they tried to get me into supply roles that covered my subject qualification and as a result I quickly built up excellent references with the schools and was offered a long term contract with a placement school. Again through this process Affinity were very helpful and supportive. I am lucky enough to have gone on to gain permanent employment thanks to Affinity and would recommend them to any teaching professional. Another plus point for Affinity is that they have kept things simple, there is no messing around and getting caught out with claiming back expenses and getting charged by an external company for the money you have earned! If I did ever need to look for work again, I would not hesitate, Affinity would be my first call and I continue to recommend them to supply staff and trainee teachers".

Nicola Pain -Teacher of Design & Technology 


"Affinity was recommended to me by a former teaching colleague. I have found them to be efficient, friendly and professional throughout and easily the best agency that I have ever dealt with. Affinity found me exactly the job that I had asked them for-a temporary job 10 minutes walk from my house. They didn't hassle me to take jobs that I didn't want, which some agencies do! I would recommend Affinity to my colleagues-it's worth the drive to Cowbridge!

Sian Davies -Science Technician 


"I finished my PGCE in June 2011. During my PGCE I was very lucky to be offered a really good secondary teaching post however the only problem with this teaching post was the position wasn't due until November 2011. I decided to accept the position and in the interim period I decided I would undertake some supply work. My new school recommended a couple of different agencies to me and one of these agencies was Affinity.As soon as I got in touch with Affinity I was really impressed with how efficient and welcoming they were. When I went to the office to register they were more than helpful, especially when it came to sorting out tax. Two days after signing up with Affinity they even managed to find me some supply work, which I was really pleased with considering the school year was coming to an end. After the summer holidays I continued to do supply work with Affinity. I had also signed up to another agency in Cardiff but this agency didn't even manage to get me one day of supply work or this term. This didn't matter as Affinity were very consistent in being able to offer me regular supply work each week. I also didn't get one phone call from the other agency.However with Affinity both Hayley and Mary are always available should you need to speak to them. Whenever Affinity have phoned me for supply work I have found them to be more than efficient, very organised and also very importantly, my pay has always been correct and paid on time.During my time with Affinity I have worked in four different schools, each of these schools have been excellent and welcoming and it's very evident from speaking to various members of staff in these schools that Affinity is really well thought of. My new teaching post is for a  year and if at the end of that year should I need to do more supply work I won't hesitate in signing up with Affinity".

Adam Speight -Teacher of ICT


"Having worked for Affinity over the past nine months, I can confidently say that they are by far the most professional, understanding and reliable agency available. Not only are you made to feel like an important employee and individual but you are also a part of a professional and highly sought after agency. Both Hayley and Mary make you feel at ease and always have your best interest at heart, giving both honest and positive advice. I could not recommend then enough. So if you want to feel respected, be well looked after and have a constant supply of work, join Affinity Education now....you won't look back".

Zoe Jenkins-FE Teacher/Cover Supervisor Religious Studies and Philosophy'


'A rare and invaluable combination of professionalism and a personal friendly service. The perfect balance between service to their customers (the schools) and providing short and longer term opportunities for supply teachers. A pleasure to be associated with”

Kay Smith-Teacher of History 


"I can very highly recommend Affinity Education. As someone looking to get into teaching they provided me with regular work and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and ensure that I was enjoying the schools and the teaching. They are both extremely professional and friendly at the same time, and made me feel completely confident from the first introductory meeting. As well as regular bookings, they also kept me informed of any courses and training that may have suited me, and in the long run were instrumental in me getting my full-time teaching post".

Dr Jonathan Swift-Teacher of Chemistry  


"Working for Affinity has been an extremely positive experience. They deal with a large number of schools in a variety of areas and so are usually able to accommodate your requests to work in a specific area. They are extremely friendly and helpful and provide a very professional service. I have enjoyed working for Affinity and would recommend them to anyone. I am looking forward to continuing to do so next term"

Beverly Oram-Teacher of ICT 


"I worked for Affinity Education for approximately 4 months. In that time, there was not a day of work that the girls didn't get me. I feel Affinity Education helped me begin my career as a future teacher and I will be forever grateful for that. They work tirelessly day in day out to get their employees work, whether it be a long term placement, or even a day. They cater for all types of qualifications, aiming to get you doing the things you want to do. For instance, I am a PE specific employee and they got me work doing PE in 3 different schools....AMAZING! If I were to recommend any education agency, it would be Affinity. Keep up the great work!-"

Mark Poulding-PE Cover Supervisor


"I would like to say thank you to all of you at Affinity. It has been a real pleasure to work with you; you are certainly the most approachable agency that I have worked with and by far the most pleasant staff. I wish you continued success in the future".

Christine Watkins-Teacher of Science


"Well I must say that the girls at Affinity Education are personable and a delight to work with!" 

Phillip Beeke-Teacher of ICT 


"It has been a pleasure to work with and be associated to Affinity Education. The quality of work they have put my way has been fantastic and I'm sure that this is due to the excellent reputation Affinity have. I love the way tat someone checks in with me at the end of a day on a new assignment, I feel very supported. Everyone I met in school has expressed the same view. I am looking forward to working with Affinity in the long term."

Louise Cleave-Teaching Assistant 


''My experience of working with Affinity this year was positive from the outset. I received detailed information about what would be required at the registration meeting itself answered all of the questions I had about rates of pay etc. Communication has always been excellent, friendly and professional. I have no hesitation in recommending Affinity to anyone considering supply teaching.''

Gary Roach-Teacher of ICT 


"The girls at Affinity are an absolute pleasure to work with. They have helped me out no end. It has been a joy to work for them. They are very kind and caring people who have endeavored to do their best for me at all times. They have given me feedback from the schools I have worked at and listened to my feedback of the schools as well. A very professional and friendly outfit that I am pleased to say I work for. Thank you very much for all your help over the last year or so girls, it has been great working for you and I hope to carry on doing so xxx."

Geraint Williams-Teacher of Science


"Working with Affinity Education has been a great experience and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the secondary schools I been placed in. They are a great agency to work with; as they are a very professional, friendly, caring, and understanding agency. Information updates and communication while in a long term placement was great too, as I always felt I could talk to them if I needed to. Both Hayley and Mary are very friendly and personable people which made my time working with affinity so much more relaxed and enjoyable. I would recommend this agency to anybody as I know they always try their utmost to find regular work in schools that would accommodate what you’re looking for. Once I qualify next year I will definitely be using them again if I need work!! Thanks girls xxx"

Stacey Robinson-Cover Supervisor/Teaching Assistant 


"Affinity Education come with the highest recommendation!! I moved to Cardiff from my parents with the hope of regular work and they did not let me down. In the time I spent working supply, a week never passed where they did not find me at least 3 days supply teaching work per week and within 1 month they had found me a full time position for an entire half term!! Mary and Hayley always respond to texts immediately and were easy to talk to and extremely personable. Iam now in a full time school however if I returned to supply it would be with Affinity".

Ed Dennis-Teacher of Mathematics & Science. 


"I contacted Affinity Education with the aim of becoming more experienced within school based environments so that I can apply for a PGCE after a couple of years. After sending them an email, they invited me down to their office the following week to partake in a very simple registration procedure.

They soon had me working in a school 5 minutes from home. The following week they sent me to do my first classroom based contract and I have been at that school ever since (5 months). I have also done various short term bookings on a Wednesday when I have not been required within my long term contract and it appears that they have many schools using Affinity for their supply.

Mary and Hayley are very easy to talk to and very professional. They keep in contact with regular texts and emails to check that everything is running smoothly at your placements. I would 100% recommend Affinity to anyone looking for school based work placements."

Phillip Warwicker-Teaching Assistant 


"Since being made totally welcome during the Registration interview, an excellent positive working relationship has been built up with Hayley and Mary at Affinity Education. This relationship was formed by excellent communication with both the Schools and the Staff, combined with an understanding of the requirements and capabilities of the Staff involved.As promised during the first meeting with Affinity, work has been forthcoming on a regular basis and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Affinity to anyone seeking temporary/supply work.If you've tried the rest, register with the best-Affinity Education!" 

David Hughes- Teacher of Science 


"Hayley and Mary are both friendly, caring and dedicated professionals who have been invaluable in helping me to find my feet as a mature NQT, providing great sensitivity and understanding as I juggle my family commitments alongside a new career and an evolving working environment. Having initially looked into other agencies, I work exclusively for Affinity Education who remains open, honest, ethical and available to chat at all times. Hayley and Mary have my complete confidence and trust and I look forward to continuing our relationship in both short-term and long-term teaching work over the coming year. Thank you ladies for your professional yet friendly organisation and management skills, and for also treating me with respect as an individual person and as a professional teacher rather than just being another name on a phone database list!! Cheers!' 

John Abraham-Teacher of English


"I am extremely happy to be working Hayley and Mary. Both are highly professional and always pleasant and willing to help at any time of the day, whether in or out of working hours. Needless to say, I continue to look forward to working with then, as their service is second to none"

Tabitha Coleman-FE Teacher of Art 


"I enjoy working for Affinity. As a mature student studying for a degree, working for Hayley and Mary allows me to work flexibly when I can. It's a good relationship."

Paul Thomas-Cover Supervisor


"Working for Affinity Education I have found the staff to be thoroughly professional, considerate and constantly display a genuine caring approach toward us, in our often difficult role.  This helps tremendously in our day to day work and I certainly feel that I am not simply a number on the payroll but instead feel that I am a valued representative of the company." 

Robert Griffiths- FE Teacher of Geography & ICT 


"I have recently worked with Affinity Education. I found work quickly in several different Cardiff secondary schools and because of this I owe much gratitude to the staff at Affinity Education. I chose to contact Affinity because of their very informative website and also all the warm things I heard through word of mouth. I found their personal touch very welcoming and to be honest, I have nothing buy good to say about Affinity Education. They are fantastic in organising work, giving plenty of notice and making sure that I was well looked after. I whole heartedly appreciate all that Affinity did for me, and would recommend them to any upcoming or established teachers"

Gerard Finucane-Teaching Assistant 


"It has been a joy to work with Affinity in my first year of teaching. There has rarely been a day where they have not found me a work placement due to the great relationships they have with many schools in the locality. The CPD sessions that they provided in no-term time, which I attended, were very informative and well delivered. In all my dealings with them, they have been warm, friendly, professional and very supportive. I feel they manage to retain the personal touch that is lost with the larger agencies. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other teachers." 

Lawrence Davies-Teacher of Mathematics & ICT 


"It was 2009 when I met Mary at the UWIC Teachers Fair. Since that time I have registered with about 10 South Wales and England agencies looking for temporary teaching work. They are really professional and hard working staff, responsible, flexible and polite ladies. I feel secure with them and trust them with my personal worries and concerns. As an NQT I can't find a permanent position yet, however, I know that I will surely survive with Affinity. If I was asked to give you a score, I would give you 10 out of 10!"

Elena Voevitskaya-Upright-Teacher of French & Russian.


"Affinity Education is a great agency to work for; they are caring, understanding and fair. There is normally plenty of work and they try to let you know as early as they can. Most of the schools I have been to are good schools with the exception of one, however as soon as I explained my problems to Affinity they said they would not place me back there again and understood completely. They have excellent rates of pay and I like the idea of being able to save holiday pay up and take it out when I want to"

Sally Farrow-FE Teacher of ICT


"Thank you Mary and Hayley for being really good about getting me work, especially when I was available full time as it really helped me save towards my MA fees. It was very much appreciated. You're one of the nicest supply agencies that I've dealt with, very approachable. xxx"

Elaine Flannery-FE Teacher of Art & Design 


"I was overjoyed when I discovered Affinity and began working exclusively for them in April 2009. As a teacher with five years experience, I have high expectations in the company that I am representing. Affinity manages to combine a respectable service that is delivered in composed manner. Affinity’s attention to detail and care for their teachers is insurmountable as is their infectious enthusiasm for the ever evolving number of schools using the service.Mary and Hayley make a dynamic team, delivering excellence with conviction and grace. As a supply teacher on the ‘front-line’ I support their company as an essential tool in the teaching and learning of children. Furthermore, it is important that we continue championing Affinity’s efforts in recognition of their hard work and determination, which is leaving other similar agencies standard of service as completely unacceptable"

Rhian Griffiths-Teacher of Drama & English.        


Affinity Education are very grateful for your positive statements.

Thank you!                         


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