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Affinity Education share positive partnerships with the Teacher Training Universities in South Wales annually attending the University Teacher Fairs in order to meet with Final Year Students in preparation for when they qualify and are seeking to start their career in teaching as Newly Qualified Teachers.  

The staff at Affinity Education appreciate that when Final Year Students are coming to the end of their degree it is an exciting but for some a daunting time.  

For the majority, the main focus for Newly Qualified Teachers is securing a permanent teaching position. Affinity Education can offer support and suitable employment for NQT's whilst they are seeking a suitable teaching post and also place them within long term and permanent teaching positions. 

Final Year Students also have the opportunity to work as an 'un-qualified' Teachers during June and July until Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) is awarded in August in preparation to work as Newly Qualified Teachers from September.


Registering with Agencies

 We are aware that there are many agencies to choose from, we would love for you to register only with Affinity Education but appreciate that you may choose to register with several agencies. Therefore we wish to share with you some independent advice and practical tips of working as a Supply Teacher and the professional standards you should expect from an agency. 

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Induction for Newly Qualified Teachers 

Induction is a statutory requirement for all newly qualified teachers (NQTs) in Wales who have gained qualified Teacher status (QTS). The statutory induction period provides all newly qualified teachers with a transition from initial teacher education and training to effective professional practice.

Newly Qualified Teachers, in addition to completing induction whilst working as a long term Supply Teacher (typically during a period of three full school terms), can also complete induction whilst working as a short-term Supply Teacher, once 380 school sessions (one session is equivalent to a morning or afternoon of teaching) have been completed. There is no time limit to completing the 380 sessions but NQT’s must provide evidence of meeting all the relevant professional standards.

As a Newly Qualified Teacher it your professional responsibility to ensure that you have a secure understanding and undertake the statutory induction requirements.

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Useful contacts regarding Induction in Wales

The Professional Development Team at the Education Worforce Council

Tel: 029 20460099




The Induction Team-Welsh Government



01446 772277

Email us here
REC Education