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How Technology has Changed the World of Teacher Recruitment 30/08/18

The world of recruitment is forever changing. From the rise of the ‘niche’ agency to the impact Brexit is expected to have on resourcing, it’s important for recruiters to stay up-to-date and keep their finger on the pulse. However, nothing has had more of a bearing on teacher recruiting than technology; a phenomenon that has completely transformed the way in which we job hunt, recruit and retain. Below are just a few examples of ways in which technology has revolutionised the industry. But, is it for the better?

10 Things you Need to Know Before Starting a Career in Teaching 13/08/18

Teaching is a noble profession; a career path that attracts tens of thousands of individuals every year in Wales alone. While a great deal of training goes into becoming a secondary teacher, when it comes to the day-to-day experiences, it’s very much about learning on the job. So, if you are considering a career in teaching below are a few things to consider.

5 Reasons Wales is the Best Place to Teach 24/07/18

A few years ago, we at Affinity Education saw a huge influx of British teachers wanting to teach overseas, with programmes such as TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) becoming increasingly popular. However, recently, we have noticed the growing appetite for Welsh teaching jobs, with people coming from all over the country and further afield to land a teaching post in Wales.

Preventing a Teacher Burnout: Our How-to Guide 05/07/18

While a rewarding profession, being a teacher is a hard job. Filled with various tasks, many different personalities and built on strict deadlines, it’s important to not let the profession’s stresses take their toll.  Having worked in the industry for many years, we know first-hand how wonderfully-challenging the world of teaching can be. So, below we share a few tips for teachers; ideas on how to prevent a burnout!

How to Know if a Teaching Job in Wales is Right for You 19/06/18

When deciding to train for a certain job, you may be worried about whether that profession is right for you. Afterall, your personality, family life, location and even your health will have a bearing on how suitable a certain role is for you. This is especially the case if you are considering a career in Education, with teachers requiring certain qualities and traits. If you are at the stage where you are thinking about putting yourself through a teacher training course, below are a few telltale signs that it's the right move to make.

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