What Skills do I Need to Become a Teaching Assistant?

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Here in Wales, we are seeing a huge spike in the number of people looking to become Teaching Assistants (TAs). As a job that is both rewarding and challenging, Teaching Assistants play a vital role in schools across the country.

What does being a Teaching Assistant entail?

Teaching Assistants are tasked to deliver tailored teaching activities to pupils on either a one-to-one basis or in small groups. Needing to support students of a range of abilities, Teaching Assistants also support teachers, freeing up their time with duties such as preparing the classroom and giving out learning materials.

Being such a diverse job role, a Teaching Assistant needs to employ a range of skills, qualities and attributes. Below are just a few:

Organisational skills

Whether a Teaching Assistant in a Primary or Secondary school; organisation will be key to a successful career in the field. From arranging teaching materials used for certain lessons to managing your time between the students that require your help, having your finger on the pulse is essential.

A strong regard for pupil safety and well-being

As a Teaching Assistant, you will be helping the Teacher not only teach the class but look out for pupils' safety and well-being. With student welfare being more of a focus than ever before, this is a quality that modern employers find highly desirable.

Building relationships

Often, being a Teaching Assistant can feel like being a mediator, ensuring sound communication between children, teachers and parents. As a result, you will have to be able to form relationships with all aforementioned parties. Just think, the pupils will need to relate to you, parents want to be able to trust you and Teachers require your support to excel in their own roles. By forming relationships, you can ensure everyone is getting the most out of the education system as possible.

IT skills

Technology now sits at the centre of the classroom, with the majority of Welsh schools now teaching via iPads and even VR (Virtual Reality) devices. Making for more engaging lessons, the prominence of new technology in teaching is something Teaching Assistants need to embrace.  

Good literacy and numeracy skills

It really goes without saying that as a Teaching Assistant you will be required to share your literacy and numeracy skills with students. From reading aloud to help your student develop their skills to providing feedback on their work; a strong grasp on English and mathematics is very much needed. Just think; you will be imparting these skills to the next generation.

Looking for a job as a Teaching Assistant?

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