Preventing a Teacher Burnout: Our How-to Guide

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While a rewarding profession, being a teacher is a hard job. Filled with various tasks, many different personalities and built on strict deadlines, it’s important to not let the profession’s stresses take their toll.  Having worked in the industry for many years, we know first-hand how wonderfully-challenging the world of teaching can be. So, below we share a few tips for teachers; ideas on how to prevent a burnout!

Don't take on too much

Though school may finish at 3pm, as a Teacher there will always be more to do. From after school clubs and school productions to helping out in other departments, the work simply never ends. However, to enjoy a flourishing, happy career, it’s essential that you do not take on too much, sticking to your duties and tasks.

Swerve the Sunday blues

As you will have seen on our social media accounts, we at Affinity Education live for a Sunday, being a day or friends, family and R&R. This is why we are eager to promote the benefits of downtime to teachers, ensuring they reward themselves with a great Sunday in order to gear up for the Monday ahead.

Use your students

As a teacher, you will do well from no being a martyr. Remember, your class will be filled with young students wanting to help you out. Whether that be giving out learning resources, taking the register or helping clear up, students can be helpful in so many ways. By utilsiing your students for various tasks, not only will it teach them responsibility, it will prevent you from doing too much!

Learn the art of delegation

From interns and work experience students to TAs and students, there is a lot of help and resources out there to make your teaching life easier. So, in order to enjoy a stress-free time in school, learn the art of delegation. Remember, these resources are here specifically for you!

Leave work at work

It can be so tempting to take work home with you, especially if you are a Teacher. While they do say ‘a Teacher's work is never done’, at some point, it has to me. This is why we advise that you do not take work home with you.

So, there you have it; our top tips to prevent  teacher burnout.

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