10 Things you Need to Know Before Starting a Career in Teaching

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Teaching is a noble profession; a career path that attracts tens of thousands of individuals every year in Wales alone. While a great deal of training goes into becoming a secondary teacher, when it comes to the day-to-day experiences, it’s very much about learning on the job. So, if you are considering a career in teaching below are a few things to consider.

  • Wales is a great place to teach – Welsh Government are incredibly passionate about attracting people to the teaching profession. Promoting various grants and just recently announcing plans to up teachers’ pay, Wales offers a great place to train and teach.

  • Teaching is rewardingWhile being a pen pusher will have its benefits, nothing is more rewarding than teaching the talents of tomorrow.

  • The holidays are great – While you will look at a certain profession for its day-to-day attractions, work-life balance is so important for modern professionals. The many holidays and pro-rata salaries is one of teaching's biggest attractions. This is why many parents opt for a teaching role, allowing them to have the same time off as their children.

  • You can make friends for life – Whether teaching Maths, Science, English or Physical Education, all teachers in the staffroom at lunchtime will be in the same boat. However, when becoming a teacher in Wales, you will quickly learn of the sense of community most schools have. This often leads to friendships being forged, friendships that last a lifetime!

  • You need to earn respect – Teaching is not all about sunshine and unicorns though. In order to run a harmonious class, you will need to earn the respect of your pupils. So, when starting out at a new school, ensure you lay down the rules and show that you mean business!

  • Technology is here to stay – Gone are the days when children sat on wooden desks and watched their teacher write in chalk on the black board. Now, the worlds of teaching and technology have collided. From iPad teaching and e-books to digital registers, as a teacher, you have to be pretty tech-savvy.

  • You always need to be prepared – Though preparation is key in any role, it’s vital in the teaching profession. So, make sure you have your lesson plans ready each and every day, ensuring your classes are fun, well-structured and have the desired effect.

  • Every day is a learning day – Where you will be the educator, there is a lot we can learn from the youth of today. This is why they say every day is a learning day as a teacher. So, when starting out, open up your mind and allow yourself to be inspired by your pupils, you never know where it will lead!

  • The career prospects just keep coming – In many professions, the older you get, the less opportunities coming your way. However, in teaching, you simply move up the ranks, taking your career in any direction you so wish.

  • It’s okay to have fun – Where your teachers may have been right old battleaxes, Welsh schools now crave creative, fun individuals that can offer an innovative approach to teaching. So, when attending interviews and writing your CV, be sure to communicate that side of you!

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