How Technology has Changed the World of Teacher Recruitment

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The world of recruitment is forever changing. From the rise of the ‘niche’ agency to the impact Brexit is expected to have on resourcing, it’s important for recruiters to stay up-to-date and keep their finger on the pulse. However, nothing has had more of a bearing on teacher recruiting than technology; a phenomenon that has completely transformed the way in which we job hunt, recruit and retain. Below are just a few examples of ways in which technology has revolutionised the industry. But, is it for the better?

Changes for recruiters 

Reviewing social CVs – Nobody can deny having a quick Facebook stalk now and then. Whether it be having a peep at friends’ holiday snaps or keeping an eye on family members, social media provides us with an insight into people we do and often do not know. As a result, Recruiters have taken to vetting Social CVs, using information they have found on social media about a candidate to validate their worthiness for a teaching post. A recent study revealed that 70% of employers screen candidates on social media before hiring them (particularly LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter). So, if you are hunting for a new teaching role, ensure your open accounts reflect you in the right light.

A larger pool of candidates within reach – Before the wonders of the internet, teacher recruitment agencies would have to rely on teachers stumbling across job adverts in their local papers. Now, the internet provides recruiters with a limitless pool of candidates that are always in reach. Teachers, even if they are already in employment, can register with agencies with a click of a button. By doing so, they can always keep their eye out for better opportunities if and when they are presented to them.

Candidate engagement – From recruitment websites with live chat options to social media inbox features, the internet provides us with endless opportunities to talk directly to candidates. Allowing recruiters to gauge suitability early on, such tech features rid of the need for multiple interviews, helping recruiters find the right candidates for the right roles, quickly.

Changes for candidates

Job search – Gone are the days where teachers would have to physically print off their CV and hand their documents into schools’ receptions. Now, finding the right teaching role can be achieved form the comfort of your own smartphone. With a whole world of tools within reach, teachers looking for work can visit specific job boards, social media pages and other recruitment sites to find out what’s on offer in their local area.

Mobile – In addition to applications, many recruiters have felt the pressures to cater to mobile job-hunters, making their websites ‘responsive’. This means they can be viewed just as easily on their mobile devices as they are on desktops (just like ours at Affinity Education