Newly Qualified Teachers

Whilst seeking a permanent post, Affinity Education can assist you in seeking suitable short- and long-term positions to gain experience within your chosen profession. 


Once you are awarded your QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) and are registered with the EWC under the category of ‘School Teacher’, you can be placed in schools as a Newly Qualified Teacher. Newly Qualified Teachers are appreciated at school, bringing their up-to-date knowledge of the national curriculum and enthusiasm for the profession. 


Induction is a statutory requirement for all newly qualified teachers in Wales who have gained qualified Teacher status (QTS). The statutory induction period provides all newly qualified teachers with a transition from initial teacher education and training to effective professional practice.


Newly Qualified Teachers, in addition to completing induction whilst working as a long-term Supply Teacher (typically during a period of three full school terms), can also complete induction whilst working as a short-term Supply Teacher. There is no time limit to completing induction but NQT’s must provide evidence of meeting all the relevant professional standards.

As a Newly Qualified Teacher it your professional responsibility to ensure that you have a secure understanding and undertake the statutory induction requirements.


Working with Affinity Education, you will be paid Main Scale 1 in accordance with the School Teachers Pay and Conditions (Wales) Document.


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