Continued Professional Development-Training

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Affinity Education in conjunction with The Welsh Government recognises

that supply teaching is an essential part of school life. It is vitally important

that teachers who choose to work in this way are of the highest quality and

are provided with the same opportunities as their colleagues in full time

employment by doing this we not only support the individual teacher but aid

learner outcomes in Wales.

Professional Learning

Supply staff are entitled to access high quality resources through a variety

of professional learning opportunities, and a range of networks to assist

their teaching and to support their work. Supply staff should evidence the

same commitment to professional learning as the Welsh Government sets

out for all practitioners. The new professional standards for teaching and

leadership were published in September 2017 they complement the day to

day work of teachers and support professional development.

The Welsh Government has launched the National Approach to

Professional Learning (NAPL) Programme to help teachers deliver Wales’

new curriculum. The new national focus for professional learning can be

delivered flexibly to not disrupt the school day.

As a supply teacher registered in Wales you can also access professional

learning opportunities through the following routes:

  • Hwb:-

  • Local professional learning opportunities and events via your

  • Local Education Consortia, local authority or through your trade union. If you are working at a school, you can ask to take part in their in-service provision. 

  • Collaborative learning - Supply teaching offers the opportunity to learn from a wide range of teachers with different experiences and in different settings.

  • Academic study - The Welsh Government has developed a series of innovative e-learning packs available through Hwb. There are also a number of University programs available online that you can access.

  • Induction - Statutory induction has been a requirement for newly qualified teachers (NQTs) in Wales since September 2003. You can obtain information and support from your Regional Consortia. The EWC provide induction advice and support for short term supply teachers.

  • We encourage our Supply Teachers to also independently seek suitable professional development opportunities.

The Education Acheivement Service (EAS) for South East Wales

(Caerphilly, Monmouth, Newport & Torfaen) provide CPD:

The Central South Consortium (CSC) is a joint Education Service for five

local authorites (Bridgend, Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil, RCT and The Vale of


Affinity Education have partnered with inspirational experienced trainers in

order to provide their Supply Teachers with the opportunity of receiving

professional development.

As a Supply Teacher the opportunity of training is limited therefore many

Supply Teachers do not engage in training. In order to raise and maintain

standards of Supply Teachers working with Affinity Education and to offer

the schools that we place our teachers within the highest quality teaching

staff possible, we have developed a valuable, successful training


At the end of the course, each delegate is provided with a professional

certificate of attendance.

Please see below some comments from Supply Teachers who have

attended our training courses:-

“Lovely to have a course aimed at the problems you face as a supply

and how to deal with these problems-Highly recommended.”

“Well presented. I have much more confidence regarding child

protection issues after this.”

“A very enjoyable, informative day”

“Thought provoking, interesting and useful” 

“Helped enormously, thank you”

“I really found today’s course valuable and very informative”

“Fantastic course, day, presentation, hospitality…thanks” 

“A very difficult topic handled with great sensitivity providing many

answers whilst remaining thought provoking.” 

“A well thought out, well presented and very informative course” 

“Very interesting and informative, raising awareness of up dated


“Some good ideas that I think could help to re-motivate me.”

“Entertaining and stimulating with some great new ideas and new

uses for old methods and ideas. Empowering for Supply Teachers”

“First time my needs have been met.”

"Removing that tag ‘Just a Supply Teacher will still be a struggle but

this way or approach can help.”

“Fun and interactive. Made the day go quickly.”

“Useful strategies & materials to take to the classroom.”

“Lots of new ideas! Creative! Great speaker-full of humour &


Great course, Thank you!!”

“Very dynamic, motivating. Very good presentation skills. Thank


“Really enjoyed the course. Loved the fast paced and quick thinking

approach. Very useful.”

“Excellent and informative-some great ideas when left nothing in the


“Very interesting course. Liked the strategies presented.

Very well delivered, very enjoyable and interesting. Thank you.”

“Brilliant course, engaging and informative with a mass of useful

ideas easy to implement.”

“This course has given me lots of ideas and fresh ones to try out in

the classroom. Thank you for an excellent course and an enjoyable


“Really enjoyable to listen to and learn new ways to start a lesson and

have a backup for lessons.”

"Very energetic and engaging session. Lots of relevant, practical and

useful tips. Thank you!”

"Very worthwhile and will improve my future lessons and (hopefully)

give me that confidence to be the best Supply Teacher possible to the

benefit of both the students and myself.”

“Extremely engaging! Absolutely amazing content.”